Shacks Beach

Each day we try to get to a beach with the girls  whether to swim or walk or looks for shells and sea glass.
Midday the sun is intense even though it is winter and not that hot. 
Shacks is a good swimming beach because of the protection that the coral reefs give. The light colored water is where the sand is...makes it easy to know where to go. Although it is protected from the large waves the currents are strong and make it so you have to pay attention or you'll end up getting banged up on the rocks and coral. It's a great workout.
It was fun to watch the girls play in the sand. 

Feet...motion...constant motion.
 She liked the puppy...glad she didn't follow it too far.

 Shacks is a windy beach on the NW corner of the island. 
Wind surfers love it here.
 This guy had just got on the board to head further out. It looks like such a fun sport.
The kites will take them skimming over the waves...looks like they are flying at times.
 Snorkeling is good here too but sometimes simply playing in the surf is enough.

When we were driving away we saw this guy waiting to cross the street. 
Look at the length of its tail...and those claws.
Kinda freaky!