Photo-Heart Connection: January's Door

The challenge:
Pick the one photo that my heart connected to from my January stash.
This photograph of the door spoke to me. 
It spoke volumes.

Interestingly, when I saw and photographed the door I didn't understand it at all.
But I was drawn to it from first glance. 
I wrote about this door here.

But what I've found even more interesting is the process of it all.
I took 222 pics that afternoon in Old San Juan.
Then I culled it to 88.
Then I picked three possibles for a blog post.
Then this one moved to the front.

This door opened up emotions that I needed to face.
This door spoke to my heart and gave me the means to write and process deeply. 

Now, days later, this door means more to me. 
It encourages me that strength will be there when need and as needed.
It reminds me that life is constantly changing.
It reminds me that there is more to this door than what I can see from this view. 
Each door has an inside and outside. 
One door with different sides and different views. 

When it is time I'll see the other side of the door.
When it is time...