My sister, Patty, is a blogger who loves to help other bloggers.
She is a writer, a thinker, a motivator and often the little birdie on my shoulder.
Her challenge this last week with
Take Flight. Patty Wysong Helping bloggers blog.
was to "zero in on ONE area where you are stopping yourself and clobber it back."

I've realized that I can't clobber anything if I cannot zero in and identify what I need to clobber.
Once my boys grew up my life shifted. 
What had defined me for my whole adult life 
{married at 18 and first baby at 20 & 4th baby by 24}
was suddenly gone. 
My world became very small...I put myself in a box.
In trying to enlarge that box I only made it smaller.
 I locked things in and out.
My journey this last year has been one of unlocking.
I've clobbered the locks in multiple ways.
Lots and lots of beach walks...
Solitary time...Reflective time...
The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron had interested me for years. 
I've started and stopped it multiple times.
Then in December I decided I was ready to commit.
I'm on the 8th week of 12. 
I do the work and the work is working.
It has been a major tool in helping me overcome multiple obstacles.
Morning pages have become my routine that I daily look forward to.
Through the tasks and assignments I've been able to identify many area and thus "clobber" them.
I'm walking down new lanes in my life. 
Discovering more about myself...
I'm enjoying the process, going with the flow, following the curves and lines...
There are doors that I get to observe and wonder at...
Doors that I get to open and walk through...
And doors that aren't open yet...

But that is all part of the process of facing my obstacles, naming my fears and dealing with my doubts.
I am determined to no longer stop myself.

The photos are from a recent afternoon in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I'm linking with Patty's

Take Flight. Patty Wysong Helping bloggers blog.