A Little Girls' Morning

My sister recently asked a question on one of her blogging challenges:
Why do you blog?

I began blogging in 2006 in order to stay connected with our family...
Our children, parents, siblings and extended family were scattered coast to coast. 
Blogging was an easy way to keep in touch.
My blogging fell to the wayside for awhile...
but now that we are living in Puerto Rico stepping back into blogging made sense.
My focus has changed...until yesterday.
With the arrival of our girls I was reminded me of those early blogging years & those cherished times of being with our family...and yet missing those not with us.

So while are girls are with us, I'm going back to those early blogging years and sharing a bit of our daily lives with those who care to journey along. 
 Yesterday we walked about the property letting the girls get use to the place.
They liked my new morning spot.
 Papa showed them where the papaya grows.
Pails and trails...
 Look at those strawberry blonde curls!
They liked them hammock until they went to get off and, well...
they moved faster than I could get to them and did a hammock flip onto the ground. 
No one was hurt, but it was a little scary for one of them. 
I only laughed a little, seriously...just a little, after snapping a few pics. 
I know...I'm bad.
The simple things in life are often the best...
like a walk hand in hand looking for hermit crabs and flowers.

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