A Little Beach Time

No pictures of the grandgirls today.
Just kidding...

 First stop was at the fruit stand for oranges, bananas, pumpkin...
 Forget the cool bananas...look at the rocks!
 Coach's favorite view...isn't it grand?
 We went to Crash Boat Beach in Aquadilla for fresh fish.
The mahi-mahi and tuna have been fantastic.
 Avi loves the water, and I just love this picture.
 It was one of those perfect beach days.
 For some odd reason we didn't think about swimming here, so no one had their swimsuit. 
L.'s dress was wet within minutes so she improvised.
 Crash Boat Beach is protected and thus swimmable with gentle waves unlike a lot of the beaches around us.
 This was so interesting.
Talk about an easy landing.

 I guess it is a power landing...

Their fishing day is over.

There is so much that I could say...that I'd love to say...that I won't say.

Got to love being able to work in a digital darkroom like LR3.
Sweet sunshine...
 Look at her feet. They aren't touching the sand.
Happiness in action.
 To be able to share our love for the sea with these little ones...priceless.
Do you see the flying pelican? This beach has a lot of them.
Time to head home...
Little doses of the beach seem to work well because it does wear us all out.

To be continued....