Kelly Moore Bag

Oh, I love bags. 
The bag that began this love was an LL Bean bag that I used in high school as my book bag. 
I still have that beat up bag. 
 My Kelly Moore bag arrived!
It is a fantastic camera bag/purse that doesn't look like a camera bag.
 I used it the other day in Old San Juan and absolutely loved it! 
Buying a bag online is a difficult deal. 
But after months of looking, thinking and researching I settled on Kelly Moore. 
I'm very pleased.  

Three adjustable sections inside for camera and extra lens or "things.",
Plus an area for an ipad or in my case my Kindle. 
I'm getting ready for a bunch of upcoming trips in March. 
This bag and I should get along well.
It's time for an ocean picture.
We've had a lot of rain and wind this past week.
Yet still enjoyed beautiful beach walks...and getting lost staring out to sea.