Exploring Puerto Rico {Part Two}

 While away this past weekend I realized that slowly my vision has been developing.
 I am more aware of what captures my attention, what
I'm trying to communicate with my photographs. 
I'm realizing that even when I cannot capture what I'm trying for there is still benefit from the exercise of trying.
In my reading this morning I came across this quote,
"Learning is movement from moment to moment."
~Jiddu Krishnamurti
This has stayed with me all day...
Learning is movement from moment to moment.
Moment to moment learning takes place as I move.
I definitely see this in my photography.
As I move I learn...it is a cycle. The more I move the more I learn.
Stairs mean motion to me...coming and going.
Spirals have to be my favorite. 
It is not just the act of going up or down...there is the added element of going around.
I found this hidden away staircase when I peeked over a wall.
The sculpture reminds me that moving around the object of my interest is key. 
The back is all that I was interested in because of the light. 
But as I was walking away on I turned for one last look at the view....
and I was struck with this amazing sight. 

I appreciated the sight then, yet, only now as I reflect and process am I fully able to grasp the significance of this photo to me.
"Learning is movement from moment to moment."