Exploring Puerto Rico {Part One}

 On the road again...First stop San Juan.
We always see pickups loaded down with produce when we drive into the city, but I usually miss getting the picture because my camera isn't in my lap. 
This time I was ready.
 While eating lunch in San Juan this bird kept pestering me. 
I don't care for birds up close, and when this one flew within an inch of my face I didn't like it either.
I'm realizing that what I'm passionate about comes out in my photography, 
even if it is a passionate dislike for something. 
 Lunch time view (when the bird wasn't distracting me).
 This is a busy time of year for tourist and local business people take advantage of it.
 Next stop was Rio Grande on the northeast corner of the island. 
The view from our hotel room.
A morning beach walk and then back on the road.
 We saw so many of these guys on this trip. One (not this one) was so big that we both thought it was a dog on the side of the road. Only when we where zipping past it did we both realize it wasn't a dog scratching its ear but a big lizard.
 After leaving Rio Grande we headed south in the direction of Fajardo. 
The mountains reminded me of Ecuador.
 I love the simple yet interesting things I see as we sit in an unexpected traffic jam...
 and slowly inched along...
 wondering what was going on way up the road and glad that we had no schedule.
How'd you like to play your baseball games here?

 We slowly found our way back to the El Conquistador Resort, a place
that we discovered by accident over 20 years ago. 
We didn't spend the night there, 
but we did enjoy an hour or so just walking around and enjoying the views. 
Beautiful open air spaces...
 and breathtaking views.

It was a mini-island exploration to a very small part of the island. 
The main problem is that to explore the island we have to leave the Coastal Casa...

To be continued...