Ernst Haekel's Kunstformen der Natur

Today in one of those wonderful online web-wanderings I found this really great image on Pinterest.
I repinned it and then went to the source of the pin.
On this Flickr page I learned that this is from a book, Kunstformen der Natur ("Art Forms of Nature")
by Ernst Haekel published in 1904. 
It is now public domain and the whole book is available, free, to download in a PDF here.

I just love how it looks on my bookshelf. 

This photo was processed with Love Couture preset in LR 3 from the Bohemian Symphony Collection
 by Oh So Posh Photography. If you pop over to her Facebook page she has some free actions available.
Then I used Kim Klassen's Revolution texture at 58% opacity in PSE 10.