A Door

 A few hours in Old San Juan on Tuesday.
I love that place.
After a bit of shopping I was sidetracked by the light hitting multi-colored doors. 
Sunshine and shadows.
I wandered here and there and time slipped by quickly. 
Doors, windows, people...
On another day I'll share some of my finds, but tonight I'm drawn to this somber doorway.
There is construction going on in this old building...
a complete stripping to its bones.

If the building could talk I wonder what it would express. 
I imagine it wouldn't like the process.

Today I received a phone call from my parents.
My Dad's cancer is progressing rapidly. 
Prostate cancer that's gone into his bones and effecting other areas now.
This isn't a new revelation.
He's been fighting this for some time. 
He and my Mom.
A long fight...a difficult fight.
They have decisions  to make.

It is a doorway that none of us want to walk through. 
It isn't pretty or inviting.
It is painful and scary; actually it is terrifying.
And sad...so awful sad. 

It can almost be easy to forget.
To choose to imagine it differently.
He sounds so normal...
His voice, his laughter...
Yet, the truth is there;
it isn't going to change.

I want to hang onto the doorpost~refuse to enter. 
I want the door to go away,
I want my Dad to stay.

Image textured with 
Kim Klassen's Simplicity texture.