This and That

My first Canvas on Demand wrap arrived the other day.
I am really please with how it turned out thanks to Kat's article on aspect ration.
Right before I ordered the 16"x20" canvas I remember her post and made the changes necessary to get the image that way I wanted it. Printing my work is a new step for me, and I have much to learn. 
I thought this size would be huge...surprisingly it seems small now. 
btw...the above pic is Selfie #4/52.
"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul."
--Kate Chopin
An odd noise stirred me from my desk the other day...
Maggie's house was getting a good cleaning.
 The recent rough seas last week stirred up lots of sea glass and shells; 
there hadn't been much around for awhile.
The beaches once again changed with sand being washed away and 
 ledges and rocks exposed that we haven't seen in months.
This favorite jar of mine holds my special sea glass pieces.
I'm thinking that this photo would be a wonderful textured piece.
The cement wall next to our house has been getting a face lift. 
I saw this, grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics right before workmen wheeled it away.
I think it too needs some texturing. 
It has a timeless feel to it.

Hope your day is blessed~