New Projects: Selfies & Textures

Selfy 1/52

One of my projects for this year is to take a self-portrait {selfies}each week. 
I don't like being on the other side of the camera. I mean: I really don't like it. It's time to tackle that. 
I'm starting small with just a piece or two of me. 

This shot signifies relaxing into & connecting with myself, looking upward, daring to dream and reaching for the sky. 

Another project I've taken on is using textures in Photoshop Elements 10. Last year I found Kim Klassen's site and love her work, but honestly it baffled me. I couldn't understand it at all. Her free videos & textures are enlightening me step by step. She is a great teacher.
After with Paper Stained texture at 40% opacity
Kim is starting a FREE Skinny-Mini class today.

It is a 10 part mini-course on using textures in PS Elements.
So...which do you like best?
Natural or textured?
I still love the natural colors and fresh look best, however, there is a look and feel to the textured piece that appeals to me as well.  

Here's my selfy textured. 
What do you think?
Can this count as my 2nd selfy?

In The Picture