My Creative Journey

One of my projects this year is Beyond Layers.
A recent challenge to write my creative story was not something I wanted to do. 
First I thought, "What creative journey?"
Then I thought, "Who cares?"
Yet, why bother to do the class if I am not going to do the work? 
There are times when it isn't possible to complete assignments, 
this, however, wasn't one of those times. 

My creative story is a journey of bits and pieces like the shells above.
Broken fragments and beautiful pieces, large and small, colorful and dull...
lots of pieces piled together as I've journeyed along.

My Childhood laid a fantastic foundation:
Colors: crayons, paints, a blue eye cup, flowers, grapes, primitive paintings
Tastes: fresh picked raspberries and asparagus, golden ginger ale, 
toast with butter AND peanut butter, lobster, steamers, butter, fresh garden veggies, licorice 
Textures: rocks, grass, clouds, glass from an old bottle dump, squirrel eaten pinecones, paper, 
soft peach fuzzy cheeks, water
Grandparents: Cold Duck, thin mints, colbert blue candy dish, organ music, a conch shell with ocean sounds within it, laughter, imagination, spiral peeled oranges, old family photos, white Christmases
Parents: outdoors, camping, canoeing, boating, gardens, dad's camera, music, snowmobiling, hiking, mountains, ocean, books, games, tasty meal,  and desserts

Teen years, young adulthood, motherhood, babies, businesses, little boys...
Cameras, books, and travels; journaling, scrapbooking, quilting and teaching...
Life took over. 
Creativity went into making houses homes, homemade bread and meals.
Boys grew, life shifted...
Grandbabies began to arrive.
I rediscover experiencing life from a child's point of view. 
Laughter, silliness, swinging, walks and nonsense talks...
All these bits and pieces have been been accumulating. 
It's been a journey of discovery full of laughter and tears.

Then an opportunity, another shift. 
A year by the sea. 
A year (or more?) free to create and absorb. 
An opportunity to leap or stay put.
We leapt.
My camera, computer and online classes.
New adventures and experiences...renewed creativity. 

And that's my creative journey as I see it.