Gratitude for Today's Connections

Today as we sat and visited with our landlords, who are on the property for the holidays, 
I looked out the front doors of our little living room towards the ocean and saw my newly potted flowers reaching towards the sea.
Their simple beauty caused me to pause~
I had a double connection: 
one with our new friends and another with the image that I later went back to capture.
In that moment gratitude to be doing what I love filled me.
 The ocean today was brilliant and loud!
 Daily I struggle with how to capture the shifting colors and a unique way. 
Daily I fail.
 My desk had been facing a wall...I sat with my back to the sea. 
It bothered me.
A few mornings ago I imagined what I wanted my computer and photo editing workspace to be like...
I wrote it all down. I sketched it out. 
I worked through why it bothered me to have my back to the sea. 
Then I took decisive steps to creating the space that I will love to be at. 
 Today I transfered my computer to this new space. 
I'm still settling in, but I look forward to sharing my view with you in the coming days.
 Another struggle I have is when to share certain pictures. 
Do I "dump" too much at one time?
Do I overwhelm the post?
 Yet sometimes sharing pieces of a "session" seems to fit. Today while sitting and talking with new friends I noticed the simple beauty of the plants and that prompted me to later grab my camera and play...
I went from one item to another following colors and textures and interests. 
I wanted to share a bit of that wonder with show you what prompted me to begin to snap and then what cause me to continue to snap.