Different Versions

The stately beauty of this vase grips me. 

Tall, slender, elegantly interesting. 
I had to play around with it...this one above is textured.


The distractions annoyed me until I toned the colors down through texturing. 
I could then appreciate the contrast in color and shape of the pink piece behind it.

~Colors softened~
While antiquing last week in Florida I did take time to stop and enjoy the flowers. 
Nature's beauty is still my favorite.
The photo above I toned down the bright colors.
~Softened & Textured~

I've been thinking about how we have different versions of ourselves. 
Texturing my photos has been helping me understand this better. 
When I take a photography and adjust the colors and light I create a different version of that photo.
When I add layers of texture I am creating yet another version of the same photograph. 
One photo but with different versions depending upon the colors, lighting, setting and texturing.

Human beings are like that. 
One person but with different versions.
We can be happy or sad, irritated or not, outgoing or quietly reflective.
We are the same but with many different versions depending upon the day or situation. 
Selfie 3/52

This selfies project is difficult...it is an exploration of myself inside and outside. 
It is examining different versions of me. 
Too often the "me" I see in a mirror or from a camera isn't the me I "see" inside. 
Do you ever feel that way?