Story Boat

"I must down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky."
–John Masefield

This boat is resting in a hotel's courtyard area in Aquadillas, PR. 
Its days at sea have past. 
Yet I imagine it still longing for the sea.

Some of my earliest and most cherished memories are ones spent in boats. 

I remember canoeing...
carefully placed in the middle between my parents 
on a seat cushion that I believe my dad still uses.
I remember his cabin boat and the St. Charles River.
That same boat had its cabin later removed and made into a fishing boat.
I was so impressed that my dad could do such a thing.
My first terrible sunburn occurred on that same boat. 
I remember the day my dad sold his boat and standing next to him watching it leave our home.
It didn't seem right...

Fishing with parents, my husband, my sons...
Fly-in fishing trips...four boys...four adults...four boats.
Weeks spent canoeing, hiking and camping.
Precious stories.
Priceless memories.

The boats in my life signify fleeting moments...swiftly passing years...
childhood & adulthood...
my sons as babies, little boys, young men, grown men, husbands, and fathers.
Friendships, laughter, sunshine and rain.

 So as I look at this Puerto Rican boat I have to wonder
about the stories that once filled it.
And I'm grateful for the role that boats have played in my life.

I used Kim Klassen's Simplicity texture.