Antiquing with My Camera

 We are back home--"home" in sunny, warm Puerto Rico. 
{It still seems so odd to think and say that.}
~Oddly wonderful~

Okay~onto our Florida trip.
A highlight for me was antique shopping with friends. 
It was like Christmas to see the treasures in those shops through my camera's lens.
 I was drawn to glass whenever the light hit it.
 Taking pics of this lamp's crystals led to a conversation with the owner who has a summer home in Camden, ME.  I mentioned the Green Thumb a lawn and garden center in Rockville, ME. She's a gardener and has shopped there. We chatted a bit and I left amazed, once again, at how small the world can be. 
You see my parents started and built the Green Thumb back in the 1970s (with their business partners). 
She was an unexpected connection with another home from another time.

I discovered just how much I love lamps.
 This pile of silverware drew me in. 
 My friend pointed out this glass shoe with the light playing upon it.
 Another lamp...
 ...and another one with cool glass "things" hanging from the shade.
 See what I mean...
Is it lamps that I like or the light that they reflect? 
Or maybe both?
 It was a good, quick trip. Busy. 
Whole Foods for multiple meals {so yummy!}, a bookstore {I truly miss Barnes & Nobles}, new sketchbooks and a few new pens, Eddie Bauer Outlet, IKEA, a chair massage {happy dancing}...
Nice to go. 
Very nice to return home.

I woke this morning once again to the ocean's voice calling me awake and the faint scent of honeysuckle that the sea winds blew through my open windows.
Yes, it is very good to be back home.

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