Some Down Time

On Wednesday I visited the oral surgeon for a minor procedure.
 These guys have been my constant companions for several days now.
 I enjoyed lots of couch time. 
I HATE the cushions on this you like my solution? 
A cotton bedsheet with two comfort pillows. An inexpensive redo.
 A little side table is always nice when one is down for the count. Coach bought me the ice little ice pack, and I love it. Audible books on my iphone been wonderful. Also, can you see my Zentangle tile? It has been a fun creative outlet.
My view from the couch...If one has to be down for a bit then a view like this is a definite benefit.
I'm grateful to be back on my feet. I'm looking forward to getting back full force next week. November & December have been tough months. Ready for the new year.