Coastal Casa Downstairs

Yesterday we took possession of the whole house. The last two months we've been living upstairs in three rooms with a kitchenette. The downstairs tenants weren't living there, but they didn't want to end their lease early. I'm amazed how quickly the two months of waiting went by.
 We are keeping our bedroom and living room upstairs. The downstairs will be for company and cooking. 
 Come on it...
 At the front door you can see right through the living room and into the bedroom.
 I'm standing in the living room looking into the bedroom.
 Still standing in the living room with the kitchen on the right & the back door and bathroom behind the kitchen.
 I love all the windows in what will be our guest bedroom.
 A small, simple bathroom.
 A real kitchen! Simple, but workable. After a deep cleaning we quickly settled into the kitchen. Today I made a batch of yogurt and kombucha tea and cooked up some  pumpkin. I forgot how wonderful it is to have a big sink and plenty of counter space to work with. 
The only room that there isn't an ocean view is the bathroom. 
The view from the front peaceful and quiet except on days when the ocean is loud and rowdy. 
It feels official that our one year above the sea has really begun.