2012 Prep

 I took time today to dream and imagine this coming new year...
 Reflecting upon the fresh newness of life...
 Overwhelmed with gratefulness for this time, at this place, with this person...
 Looking forward to the new year by the sea...
Focused forward and upward...
I didn't spend much time on the hammock though.
 Today I bottled 31 kombucha teas and made new batches.
 I love the neat rows of accomplishment.
 Part of this new year is time to do the things that I love.
Reading & writing for the pure pleasure of it...this has rejuvenated me. 
No pressure. 
No "I want to, but...." 
Nothing to prove.  
It is not a "daily" practice. 
It has become a "regular" practice that I look forward to daily. 
A routine that I've slipped into and now love.
 As I sat at the kitchen island and looked into our still sparse living room I picked up my camera to play.
It was one of those moments where everything quietly slipped into place.
I realized that focus is more simple in its complexity than I ever realized.
It shifts and changes...it expands and narrows.
What I chose to focus upon is critical to what I'm trying to accomplish and convey.
It is true in life as well as photography.

I'm looking forward to this new year perhaps more than any previous year.