The waves have been incredible! 
Loud crashing and roaring...all day, all night. 
If there is an occasional lull the silence is odd.
 I get lost just watching the motion and designs.
The morning light playing in the curling waves.

 As much as I like the color shot, the b&w has something timeless about it.
 There's a simplicity to b&w, plus it highlights the spray above the wave.
The layers of colors... the lines of coming waves...
 This reminds me of lace. There is no way to catch the boiling movement. 
The late afternoon brought larger waves and beautiful light.
 Then as the light hit the spray what I had been hoping for appeared, and I was ready.
A wave rainbow...love it!
 As the day came to a close I played around with exposure, shutter speed and the zoom lens.