Sunshine and Shadows

I took a walk about the property the other day. At times it still seems unbelievable that this is our home for the next year.
 You often see pictures of the railing...this shows you how close the cliff is.
 The other day the seaweed was floating on the sea and collecting on the shoreline.
My self portrait shadow of me sitting on the railing. 
Once I had a terrible fear of heights...I'm glad that is gone and I can enjoy the edge.
 I love the fact that this sign doesn't apply to me. 
 Little beauty....
 ...verses big beauty.
 I've learned here that just because something looks old doesn't mean that it is. 
The salt air ages things very quickly here. 
Everything, outside and inside, is cover with moist, salt residue. 
 Textures abound...palm tree bark...
 ...the ocean view seen through a palm frond.
 Sometimes the shadow is better than the real thing.
that is how I could sum up our time here so far. 
We live a much simpler life here. 
The pace is slower. 
Our distractions are fewer. 
When we came in May I wondered if once we settled in to our own place if that would change. 
It hasn't--and for that I'm thankful.