Sea Urchins and Things

 We've been getting LOTS of rain. It is the typical tropical rain though...beautiful weather, a rain storm then more beautiful weather. Repeat that about 2-3 times a day.
 The other day I played with my sea treasures again. Just looking at them always brings a smile to my face. 
 Sea urchins fascinate me with their colors, texture and intricate puzzle-like structure.
 Broken shells and sea urchins are so beautiful to me.

 Such a beautiful work of art.
 These next shots I played around with exposure compensation.
This is one is under exposed with a -2/3 compensation.
 Over exposure +2/3 compensation.
 Here is one at 0 compensation.
 I enjoy experimenting and using different settings to try and create different moods. The b&w in this series is probably my favorite. It simplifies the objects and allows their texture details to shine.
Today we are off to get a Wii, not an easy event here in Puerto Rico. I'm hoping for a successful adventure.