Puerto Hermina

Did you know that Puerto Rico is on Atlantic Time & doesn't observe Daylight Savings? Until yesterday we didn't know. So know we are one hour ahead of the East Coast, two hours ahead of the central time zones, and I have no idea where we are in relation to Arizona now. 

Today summed up our weekend...quiet and relaxing.
We do have a dryer available, but freshly launder & line dried clothes are wonderful. 

Saturday we drove off in search of a new beach. 
Puerto Hermina is only a 10 minute drive from our house and is said to have been a legendary landing point for pirates after the island was discovered in 1493.
 The legend says that pirates built this stone house at the entrance to the inlet.
It is tucked into the side of the cliff and very solid still.
 There is only a small sandy beach opening that meets the inlet.  
The inlet when I face the south...so quiet and peaceful...
then the ocean when I turn and face the north...not so quiet and peaceful.

The wave action is amazing, and now it is a  favored local surfing area.
 We were going get a walk in, however I was moving pretty slow because there was so much that caught my eye. 

I simply and completely love the sea...it is where I feel the most like me.