A Pointsettia

I bought my first plant here in Puerto Rico.
 Love new growth  on a plant...and having a macro lens to capture it with. 
 Leaves intrigue me. 
 Can you see the above leaf's reflection (or is it a shadow?) in the water?
 We had rain today.

These next pics show the difference camera settings can make.
The poinsettia  is on the second floor balcony; I'm pointing the camera down towards the ground fence.
f/22.0     ISO 2500
  f/9.0     ISO 500
 f/4.5     ISO 100
The resulting bokeh (blur) of a low f stop allows the subject to shine instead of getting lost in the background noise.
I changed my angle and used the green trees on the other side of the fence as my background.
 I hope the poinsettia likes its new home. 

f/2.8    ISO 100
Negative space bring such simplicity and clarity to an image.