My Shooting Style

In seeking to define my "eye" more I've continued on with Kat's Find Your Eye series. This week I've been working on defining my shooting style which is truly an ongoing process.

 My camera is a Canon T2i and my primary lens right now is a 60mm f/2.8 macro with UV haze filter on it. After several months with the standard Canon strap that was uncomfortable to use and wear, I purchase a C-Loop gliding strap that is amazing! It slings over my shoulder and enables me to"wear" my camera like a purse. Were I go my camera comfortably goes too. With one hand I can grab, snap and it! In my bag I carry extra memory cards, a spare battery, a lens cloth and my wallet. Simple and light.

When on the road  I throw my umbrella (not being prepared for rain has cost me big time!) and my AquaPac  just in case. I would love to find an over the shoulder sling bag that would hold my laptop, camera and all the necessary items (power cords, mouse, battery chargers...) that are needed when I travel. So far I make due with one of my many bags and pick the bag based on the where the journey is and how long it will be. My tripods and other lens stay home...I have found that I do best when I travel simply. One bag=one happy traveler.

When shooting I use the creative modes, specially aperture mode is my favorite. Manual is too much for me right now and getting away from Auto was just a personal desire. Since I love being outside morning and twilight is my favorite time to shoot. Recently, I find that I follow the light then look for a subject. I don't mind being with others when I'm out on an excursion as long as they don't mind me falling behind when something catches my eye, otherwise, I'd rather be alone.

Until recently I would have said that I was all about still life, but some gentle urging from family to "add people" to my shots and a growing flock of grands has stretched me. I have greatly enjoyed the challenge and results of capturing people in natural, everyday situations preferably outside. Being "the" photographer at an event is NOT what I want or plan on doing. I like being behind the scenes capturing what others miss.

Written for “Find Your Eye: Journey of Inspiration”