The other day Coach spotted some mushrooms the had sprung up overnight. They have been fun subject to use for my Finding Your Eye Digital Camera Class over at Kat's Studio.
 A previous class that I took at BetterPhoto taught me to choose my focal point for each shot in the view finder then shoot. 

 However, learning a different way during my present class has been very helpful. I believe that it gives me more options.
 With the mushrooms I practiced using the center focal point, depressing the shutter 1/2 way to focus on the subject and then recompose in the view finder before shooting.
For all these pictures I used the "P" (Program) setting instead of my normal "AV" (aperture). 
I used a very shallow DOF, choosing to keep the aperture wide open at f/2.8.
After getting some feedback from the class and doing some further reading I've learned that the center focal point (in the view finder) usually auto focuses more rapidly than the other focal spots. Since this has been a problem for me, especially in low lighting, I'm glad to know this know. 
 This exercise helped me realize that when using lower apertures I probably need to chose my focal point, compose and then shoot.
 There is not the crisp, sharp focal point that I love & think is necessary when choosing to have shallow DOF (depth of field) when I use the center focal point, freeze the frame, recompose then shoot the picture.
 These underside views remind me to keep looking up and out and all around.