Looking Out and Up

The ocean and sky today...beautiful!

 Once again I was reminded to take time to look out and up. 

Today I downloaded the Instagram free app onto my iphone, so of course I needed to take a photo right away. I looked up and noticed a beautiful sky. I took five steps from my chair to the railing and snapped a picture.
The above photo is the Instagram with Sutro filter. The look reminds me of photos taken back in the 1970s which is when I received my first camera. 
This simple like incident was like a bell going off in my head. I get so busy with, well...with what? Reading, editing photos, working, walking, doing things around the house...
We are living in an incredible location. The ocean is my backyard. The sea, light, sky and weather change here almost every minute. I get lost in my head and don't look out or up enough.  
I miss too much.
After taking the Instagram pic I kept making myself look up and out. Look what I saw...
A fleeting rainbow far out at sea.
How many spectacular things do I miss simply because I don't pause for a split second and look around?
How many things in life do we miss because we become so caught up in the immediate and fail to look around us?
 By the time I went out for a sunset walk the ocean and sky had changed once again. There was no evidence of the afternoon's beautiful sky and rainbow--except for the photos I captured.
This is life...a blink and our kids are grown. 
Only when we lose something do we really understand what we had. 
All that said...today I really missed my family.
I long to take the little ones in my arms and giggle with them.
I long to be able to gather my sons around me and hug and hold them. 
I long to let my girls know just how much I love them and appreciate each one.
I long to have a family Christmas with my sisters,  parents and all our  families once again...

Breaking free and following your dreams takes sacrifice, continued work and evaluation.

All so serious...so on a lighter note: