Sea Shells

 My new photography tool and toy is a table top studio from Modahaus.
 I've just begun to play with it...not happy yet with the results.
These are mini shells...they are about the size of a kidney bean. Every now and then the sea will toss lots of these ashore. I get real greedy when that happens. 
It was a good first shoot...easier than hiking down the cliff but not as much fun. 
Song of a Shell

I held a sea shell to my ear,
And listened to its tale
Of vessels bounding o'er the main  
And all the ships that sail.
It sang of brilliant water flowers—  
The bright anemonesThat bloom beneath the ocean waves—
  Tossed in from seven seas.

Each time I harken to this song,
I hear the breakers moan,
And fancy that a warning bell  
Rings from a lighthouse lone.
No longer need I wish to go  
Where foam-capped billows swell,
For I've an ocean of my own
  Withing this pearly shell.
-Violet L. Cuslidge