The Outermost House

I had great plans for today...
a nice, big breakfast made by Coach-
a big cup of Puerto Rican coffee-
then an early morning, long, beach walk with Coach-
time to work on "Finding Your Eye" class-
 and decide where to put our few treasured books that we brought with us.

Instead I have done and will continue to do nothing today. 
Food has no appeal-my coffee cup is still full-the walk on the beach sounded horrid.
I'm pooped. 
Completely spent...
The high Dominate mode that enable me to happily keep going...
to pack and unpack daily,
to unpack and repack in Oklahoma,
to pack and unpack and settle in Puerto Rico-
That high D has left me, 
and I'm as deflated as a flat tire.
The f-i-n-a-l straw was two trips to Walmart the past two days. 
I'm sorry...but Walmart + Puerto Rico+weekend=pure insanity! Awful, terrible...craziness.

My plans will have to wait. 
I am going to excuse myself from the world for a day or two or however long or short I need.
I'm going outside. 
Which is funny because our house is completely open and "outside" but I still have this need to be "out" of the house right now.

Only a book is going with me.
The Outermost House
 a gift from my mother-in-law which she recently found in her mother's house.  
Thus, it holds a double special-ness for me.
 It was written in 1928 by Henry Beston about his year of life in a small cottage on the Great Beach of Cape Cod.
It seems a fitting start to our year (15 months actually) by the sea in our small Coastal Casa.

The ocean shall be my only medication....