At a Snail's Pace

The other day we took a hike down the cliff to "our" beach. 

 The 82 steps were covered in leaves...thick with jungle "things." I looked up at one point and saw this guy. Don't you think it has that "Alice in Wonderland" look going on?

 The sunset glow was just beginning to hit the water. 
As we walked the boulders I realized two things: 
1st-I was feeling rushed to get an assignment for Finding Your Eye class done verses doing what I love. If I wanted to sit and be still (like Coach) then I could. 
2nd-There was no pressure...I could take snaps or not. If they were terrible--no problem. No need to rush and make it happen. What was important was to follow the flow and enjoy the last remnants of the day.
The tide was much higher than I thought. therefore I couldn't use the large colorful snails as my subjects without getting drenched. 
So I began looking for a place to perch. 
And that was went I saw the other less colorful snails.
Low lighting and no tripod made me slow down and soon I was lost in time...all frustration gone.
 Since there was no time to run back to the house for my tripod I rested the lens on the rock and hoped for the best. This one above might be my favorite.
 Simply changing my location showed a more interesting texture.
 Normally I stay away from the flash but for fun I tried it here. This was one of my last shots...darkness had descended quickly & the snail was moving...the resulting dreamy blur and color were surprises.

This was a fun exercise.
 It helped me to further understand my love for color and texture and lighting and finding the unusual in the normal items all around me.