My Eye

This past week I've been evaluating what inspires, delights and draws me both in photography and life.

I love vibrancy and vitality...
and when I can capture that spirit it delights me.

At first I was bothered that I have such a wide range of favorite subjects. Then I realized that my subjects shift and change based upon where I am. Since I travel a lot it makes sense that my subject matter is in a constant state of motion

I seem to have a magnetic pull towards the unique and unusual. The subject may be "normal" but an unusual context or lighting makes it interesting to me.

I am mesmerized by colors, shapes and textures.
Macro photography delights me because it allows me to get closer and to expose what is normally missed. Finding the unique within the usual is so much fun for me.

Finally, I love simplicity.
In life I need time and space to reflect and process. 
I seek to give that sense of  simple space in my photography. 

 Kat's class, Finding Your Eye, has been a delightful journey. 
The lessons have been quietly sinking in and that has been extremely refreshing!