Little Shrimp

During our October trip we were invited over to son #3's home for some shrimp on the barbie.
 I do love b&w portraits!
 Now this pic of Lexi needs a bit of background. The girls hadn't had their naps, they were tired. Her daddy and grandpa had gone out to the grill and she needed to get her shoes on in order to join them. The poor little one just had a melt down moment. She rallied quickly, got those shoes on and off she went. But this quick snap made me realize that usually we only focus on the happy or reflective moments in life.Yet there are heart wrenching times too. These moments are just more private yet still important.
 A few pics from the little girls' room. Faith has a great decorating and style eye.
 Blue eyes with what looks to be light red hair!
 She kept this plastic plate on her head for a long's evident she's been practicing.
We had a delightful afternoon. Thanks all!