Lemons on the Sea

 Without thinking I threw our lemons in a bowl and set them on the table. They were ready for use.
 As I sat at the table working they kept calling to me.
The two weeks of Kat's class has been excellent. Working with familiar subjects while thinking through her questions has caused me to explore more deeply not just my photography but other areas in my life.
By taking the time to change angles and focal points I am able to see what draws me in, what works and what doesn't. 
It causes and allows me to breath deeply and enjoy this moment...not rush, not feel any pressure to get it right...it has become a wonderful playtime.  
I enjoy analyzing during and after. 
I want to understand the whys and hows so that I can be better...
and grow further as an artist and a person. 
I have found that I love simplicity with a touch of interest.
I have found that there is so much more that I want to learn.

Of course I have a favorite from this set...but my eye is different than your eye. 
What I find amazing is that my favorite changed while doing this post...I wonder why.

So...tell me what you think, what you feel when looking at these lemons with the big Atlantic as their backdrop. 

Have a fantastic day!