A Jungle Walk

 The downward decent...
My next hike down the hill might be with a broom since I don't have a rake.
 I've developed a fascination with palm fronds. 
 I love their strong lines.
 This wooden fence post signals the end of the jungle and the beginning of the coast. It is here that I rest my walking stick when I leave the jungle for the rocks. And when its time to climb back up the hill this post is what I look for to show me the path.
It's simple, but significant.
The recent storms brought lots of bits and pieces ashore. 
 I love being down at this spot while the sun is setting.  As the light fades it becomes a perfect time to play around with intentional blur.  
Slow shutter speed, low light and motion...

Now for a technical blog question: 
 Do you think my pictures are too big?
 Of these last two picture which size do you think works best? 
Thanks in advance for your feedback.