Fluff and Stuff... Massachusetts and Maine

This morning, October 1st, 2011, at 3:30AM we unlocked the chain link fence and entered  a new chapter in our lives. We stumbled up the steps with our suitcases...anxious to make up the bed and go to sleep. First though, we opened all the windows and let the ocean breezes blow the tired cobwebs away. 
As we stood in the dark looking up at the most spectacular star-filled sky and listening to the breaking waves 200 feet below us we were amazed, grateful, overwhelmed and excited...then just plain tired.

Now as I look at our Boston and Maine pictures...it seems forever ago...not just 3 short weeks ago.

We love the Boston T...inexpensive and fun.

Faneuil Hall
I'd been here numerous times, but this was the first time I went upstairs to the assembly room.
It's impressive. The ceiling was interesting to me...
as were the rows of wooden chairs all neatly aligned. 

My mom couldn't wait for some real fried clams...they were so yummy!

After our Boston port of call we went to Portland, ME where four of us went out for a drive along roads we'd all travel many times through the years. 

The following pictures are from South Freeport Harbor...Coach and I have been coming here since when we were still having babies.

Ahh....there's no place like home. I have a "fluff" treat for you at the end.

We couldn't eat until we had our group picture thanks to a friendly picnic neighbor then....
I played with the lobster for about 20 shots trying to capture the lively colors the seemed so perfect on that summer day. 

Okay...New Englanders know all about whoopie pies...They are a favorite of mine since early childhood.
There are many recipes out there but my FAVORITE ones have one thing in common... FLUFF filling!
It's ALL about the Fluff!