Capturing Light

Yesterday I worked on an exercise of capturing light with one our seashells from our trip to the Dominican Republic back in August. 
 I began with morning light on the balcony railing using the ocean and trees as a backdrop.
 A fellow photographer suggested that I use oil on shells that had a lack luster finish. 
The simplicity of the b&w draws my eyes to the texture of the shell.
I tried different angles...but didn't like the midday sun at all. Too harsh.
 I love living right above the the day slipped away I decided to throw on my sneakers and take a quick hike down the hill before daylight disappeared. I became lost in the sounds and sights and was startled to look up and see this in front of me. This is facing NE. I thought it was going to be a dull, quiet sunset and was taking pics of some sea snails on a bush and almost missed this incredible display of color and light.

 After my walk I took a couple of outdoor pics with the tripod in the fading light. I think the porch light was actually used in this one. 

 Then I moved inside and played with my table top studio and a mini tripod. 
 Here is where I completely lost track of time and that surprised me. I love being outdoors using natural light and stumbling upon items that catch my interest. 
This takes planing and staging. Although I'm not thrilled with the composition I like the look. I want to try using the set up outside with natural light...and see what happens.