An Adventure Walk (with my camera)

A highlight for me last week while in Oklahoma was a morning walk with the little boys and their daddy, my oldest son.
 The crisp weather was perfect.
 It was a good excuse to put on some funky socks and shoes and head for the woods.
 Well, some of us put on socks and funky shoes...others enjoyed practical shoes.

And one had shoes that kept coming off, but look at those overalls...who needs shoes when you have cool overalls?
 Plus, he had a sweet ride waiting for him.
 I love our field with those beautiful hay rolls!
 Shoes that won't stay problem when dad's around.
 Tall grass when you little can be a problem. 
 We had an exploring brought back my own childhood memories and precious memories of our boys when they were this little...
 I love this spot in the has an old world feel to it. 
 My class assignment was to take a camera-less walk. Well, I fudged on this one...
I'd recently taken one, on purpose, on our lane in PR...(past the Autograph Tree which  is why I STILL owe JS a pic of that blasted tree...because it was an "on purpose camera-less walk"). 
Plus, through the years I've walked our Oklahoma property many, many times without a camera...
All excuses, I know...still...I chose to fudge the assignment to fit my crazy travel schedule--gosh, no more excuses...promise.
 While walking and exploring with the little guys (and big guy) it reminded me of camera-less walks in that one slows down and takes time to see the world from a different angle. 
When Markus found a fallen twig full of bright red leaves he was ecstatic! A bug? Amazing! A "secret" deer trail? Nothing better. Scents and colors are heightened. We had no agenda nor time frame...we wondered the woods and explored trails and paths cut by the animals.  
I came away inspired & motivated to spend time enjoying the beauty that is all around me wherever I happen to be whether my camera is with me or not.