Where's My Focus?

August is gone...finished, complete, history. 
Where did it go? 
It zipped past so quickly just like my days now.  
Which caused this question to keep circling around in my head today.
"Where is my focus?"

I'm doing my first give away...details are at the end of the post.
I am realizing that my life and my photography are similar in many ways. As I struggle with where to place my focus in the frame, I am also struggling to figure out where I want to focus in my daily life.

Subjects are, well, subjective. This is true in photography and in life. It's individual and personal. It's what makes a person or a picture interesting to different people.
I started the day with a bunch of glass bottles filled with sea glass and shells.

First, I focused on the back bottle with shells.The morning had fun light and shadows to play with.

Then I moved onto the green, brown and white sea glass bottle. It is understated in its simplicity. 

Next, the mixed bottle of shells and sea glass that I collected the day after Hurricane Irene blew past us.

Then I set my sites on the blue that just is so bold and beautiful.
Finally, I focused on the tall olive bottle filled with minis. The jar was purchased not because of the olives inside but because I wanted the bottle. :-)

The reason why I feel that defining my focus is important is because I only have so much space that I want to devote to a series of pictures like sea glass and shells in bottles. Just like I only have a specific amount of time each day to accomplish what I want to. No focus...no progress...no sense of completion or growth.
I desire focus in all areas of my life and gaining that focus is what I'll be doing during September.

I'd love to hear which picture in the above series is your favorite and why. Leave a comment or two telling me what you think. I'm going to do my first giveaway on September 6th. For each comment, up to three per person per day, you will get a chance to win. I'll do a random drawing for a bottle of sea glass and shells. Pass the word and fill me up with your comments. Use the sharing buttons below if you want to share it elsewhere.