Pedro's Pescardo, Sushi To Go

 I LoVe sushi! 
I lOvE Pedro's sushi near Jobos Beach in Isablea, PR!
Instead of boring you with shot after shot of sushi pics, (although I don't think sushi pics are boring at all) I thought I'd just make a collage and highlight some of our favorites.

 The set up at Pedro's is very interesting. They are only open Fridays for lunch and dinner and Saturday for dinner only. That's it--two days a week. It's a take-out only, but they just put up an outdoor pavilion with five tables and chairs where customers can eat their to-go orders. 
They are rocking all the time. The food is FRESH & oh-so-good. Their service it top notch! 

Through the years we've learned to ask those who work at a restaurant what their favorite item is. We learn a lot about a place through that simple question and the response we get. 
The last time we ate at Pedro's Pescado (Fish) we met a guy while standing in line. He's a regular. They all knew him by name, so we asked him what his favorites are. 
"The Poki. You have to get the Poki; its amazing!" 
Us: "Where is it on the menu?"
Him: "It's not on the menu, but they'll make it for you." 
Us: "We'll take a Poki, please."

Our taste buds did the Poki dance.
Organic rice with all the "stuff" of a sushi roll (minus the nori sheet) mixed together. Ginger, avocado, raw tuna, scallions, a light mayo sauce, sesame seeds.
A mini-sushi casserole. 
This I could make at home, unlike sushi rolls which I've tried and failed at. 

That's what we had for dinner last night. 
What about you? Anything good?

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