Beach Walk Breather

One way that I love to slow down, breathe deeply and be still internally is to take beach walks.
Come along with me on this one.
The sun is setting, the surf is soothing and a gentle breeze is blowing.

This is my favorite beach, well-my favorite right now. It is usually deserted but on this night we actually had beach company. But they all seem to be soaking up the solitude too.

The clouds were so vibrant. 

The fisherman's chair looked so inviting to me. What a perfect place to sit, read, write and think. 

I have been reading a lot of photography blogs and books. I analyze and critique my work. I delete then delete some more. The more I learn or try to learn the more I see my ineptness. So I needed this beach time to remember to delight in the simple act of being able to photograph what I love.

Normally I don't take my camera when Coach and I go on our daily beach walks. I get too distracted snapping and chimping and adjusting settings. But I needed and wanted a fun photo walking session just to remind me how fun it is to see what I captured.

Since Irene we've had massive amounts of sea urchins washed ashore. 


The sand is fascinating to me. We've recently begun snorkeling, and I love looking at the patterns that the sand makes on the ocean floor.  

Well, thanks for coming along with me on my evening walk. I hope you enjoyed it.

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