On the Road Again

We packed up our little rental quarters in Aguadilla for the last time. Our time renting from Tom & Holly was very good. I'll write about their excellent little rental at a later time. 

For now come and check out our overnight hotel and roam the streets of Old San Juan with me.

 These little side "streets" intrigue me. 
It's like stepping back in time.

 I like the way the light hit these bottles...in the Villa Herencia's living room.

The dinning room was colorful and unique.

I never was a chandelier person until recently. 
Puerto Rico has given me a fascination with light fixtures...

 and doorways...

 and shuttered windows.

At our hotel looking from the inner courtyard towards the street.

 Now looking towards the inner courtyard.

A rooftop soak anyone?
(Seriously, how cool are silver painted outdoor tubs?!) 

 A little ledge full of old bottles...{be still my heart}.

 Another chandelier...this one was over our bed. 

Speaking of our bed...
Our room was little and perfect. 

 Sorry...but I love this chandelier.

The netting was perfect in this room. 
Can you see the chandelier peeking from the lower right corner?

 These smell like honeysuckle. 
This is probably one of my ALL time favorite flower picture.

 This type of scene is common around the plaza.

I love the lighting on these steps. 
What you can't see it the soup kitchen tables set up in the little square and the long, neat line of people patiently waiting for their dinner.

A 100 year old restaurant...

A very helpful barista at the local Starbucks in the plaza.  
Yes, we went to Starbucks...our first visit in many, many weeks. 
Their apple crumble latte was sooo good last night.

 Everything seems to be an artist's canvas for color.

I'm continually amazed by the vehicles that travel the roads here. 
What character this truck has! 

We took a l-o-n-g walk to and from dinner. This is right across the road from the capital building. 
The Fortress is immediately to the left. 

 Doesn't this make you want to walk the streets of Old San Juan?

And this one too.

 We have come full circle...back to the spot of the first photo of this post. 
Thanks for traveling along with me.

I'm writing in a restaurant at the airport. Shortly, (I'm writing fast--really fast-- so that I can run down to the gate) we'll board the plane for Newark, NJ. 
Tim's parent meet us tonight for dinner.
Tomorrow my parents fly in.
Saturday we board the ship for our New England cruise with our parents.
Another full circle...
another story...
for another blog post.