New York City

It seems forever ago when we left Puerto Rico on September 8th for NYC. 
There have been planes, trains and automobiles...on this trip stateside.

My travel companion through many, many, many miles and years. 

Recently I've been asking myself questions about my photography. 
Why do I enjoy taking photos? 

 Why was I so excited about going to to B and H in NYC and spend my money on a new (and super cool) lens?

Colors, shapes and textures draw me in.

I am discovering that I prefer still life over people.

However, occasionally I will encounter someone who draws me in enough for me to ask if I can take their picture. This man was a street fruit vendor who invited me to take more photos of his displays. When I asked if I could take his picture he broke into a smile and grabbed his cap off the chair. 
This was how he wanted his photo taken. 
Who is he? Where is he from? Does he like his job? What life experiences are contained within him? 
Photography is an outlet for my curiosity.

 Food is a favorite subject of mine. My kids have teased me for years about my food pictures.
But doesn't this NYC deli pizza make your mouth water?
 It was the perfect pizza slice! Seeing it now makes my taste buds tingle...

NYC deli egg salad... colors...texture...YUM!

 Sometimes I think we travel to NYC simply for the bagels and cream cheese. 

I take photographs because I want to be am an is my artistic outlet, my chance to display how I see an object or person...the world. 
The more I learn about composition and light the more I long to learn. 

 There is no shortage of photos, of people's artistic interpretation of the world around them...
I am motivated to capture what I see...what brings me joy...what interests me. 

It's a that is strong enough for me to lug my camera around on hot, humid NYC days... 
 seeking to catch a glimpse into someone else' life...
seeking to share a moment of my day and life with others.

So...why do you take photographs?