Negative Space {Moral Muses Theme}

This morning I woke up thinking, "Where's my focus going to be today?" So when I sat down at the computer and read about negative spaces at Moral Muses I knew where my post focus would be. It was a message I needed to hear today.

 Negative space allows our eyes to rest and focus on the subject in a photograph. 
In life negative spaces are those times of rest that allow us to breathe deeply and regroup.

I skimmed through my snaps taken in August looking for ones with negative space. The above two are from the Colonial Zone in Dominican Republic. A place where I had time to pause and reflect.

This shell is from Playa El Pastillo in Quebradillas during a long walk with Coach. He found the shell after I walked right over it completely unaware of its presence. 

Self portrait taken at the Coastal Casa~a special space and place.

An autograph tree's seed pod.

 Beautiful, colorful, papaya.

Buried treasures... 

Negative spaces...necessary and very needed in my life and my photography.

Today I sorted and packed our things..."stuff" to stay in PR, "stuff" to take north with us for our September travels. As the heat increased I became tired and  unable to focus. I needed negative space...

We went to the beach to swim in the wide open (negative space) ocean. Hurricane Katia (now a category 3) is 480 miles north of Puerto Rico and the ocean was rough even at the protected Shacks Beach. I enjoyed the hour in the water focusing on only one thing--staying where I wanted to be in the midst of a roiling sea. 
Negative space...a place to breathe deeply and be refreshed.

Where do you find negative space in your life? 

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