A Mystic Morning

I'm sitting outside under a blue, sunny sky that is dotted with beautiful white fluffy clouds...
Mystic, CT is perfect this morning at 63 degrees...crispy, sweatshirt weather that I love. 
There's a hint of a wood smoke in the air. The leaves are just beginning to have hints of turning colors.
Moments like this are precious.

We had such a good time with our parents on our New England & Canada cruise.
It was a special week of just being together. 
I took thousands of pictures...and have been working on the culling process in order to begin to share a few here. After a trip like that I need to hole up in a non-photo rich area for about a week to get caught up instead of having multiple days in New England, on the coast, as Fall approaches...
(vegetable stands, little markets, hidden coves, active harbors, flowers...oh the mums have been fantastic! fried oysters, steamers, a red mini loaded with kayaks...too many reasons to keep my camera highly active)

 Yesterday we ditched the work that we both had calling us and chose instead to follow little roads and side streets around Rhode Island and the Mystic, CT area.
 It was a glorious day...and as the sun was setting over the harbor my second memory card flashed, "FULL." 

Some moments are best enjoyed without a camera in hand. It was a good reminder.

So stay tuned...I've much to share in the coming days.