Cruise to New England Beginnings in Black and White

There are moments in life when all the pieces seem to line up and fit together.
This cruise was one of those moments for me. There were so many reasons why this trip shouldn't have been able to issues, travel schedules, logistics...but efforts were made by all of us and we made it to the ship on time and in one piece from NY, AZ and PR. 
My mom had never seen the Statue of Liberty which is amazing because she is a New England girl who lived on the East Coast until her 30's. 
It was special to be with my mom and dad as we passed this symbolic landmark.
This cruise with our parents was significant. 
40 years ago our two families met in Rockport, ME. Our parents became close friends...never imagining that their firstborns would later cross paths at college and marry. Both of our parents left Maine many years ago and have traveled and lived in numerous locations since then...Ecuador, Alaska, PA, VT, MO, AZ, NY and probably some other places that I cannot recall right now. But through the years and shared grandsons and now eight great-grandchildren they have maintained a friendship.

I've known my in-laws since I was eight years old...
This is our second cruise with Coach's parents- 25 years ago the four of us went on a cruise to Alaska to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Next month marks their 50th. In so many ways this trip with the six of us felt like we were completing in circle.

 As I've worked on these photos it has been bothering me that I have more pictures of my parents...since both sets have truly been both of our parents. 

 Then today Coach and I took our three grandsons out to "bridge park." My camera, of course, was there too. 
When grandson 1 who is 6 yrs old sees the camera it doesn't bother him...he'll smile but continue on with whatever he's doing. He's fun to photograph because I can capture candid shots of him.

Grandson 2 is 4 yrs old and when he sees the camera he'll give me a look that says it all..."not that camera again" or "what are you looking at?" or "I'm so not interested." Often he'll just look away.

Then there's grandson 3, a 2 yr old. If I talk to him while snapping he'll beam. If he's tired and not interested then he'll look down and refuse me the photograph that was so perfect a split second ago.

These three precious little ones 
(Patty, I PROMISE that I'll post pictures of them soon!)
 reminded me what having a camera staring at you can feel like. I enjoy being on the back side of the camera. Being in front of a camera...not a comfortable place for me to be. 

So while I try to respect other's I often face a dilemma...
a desire to capture a moment in time without making someone else uncomfortable. 

Sometimes it works...sometimes it doesn't...
 and sometimes our subject tells us exactly what they think of the camera being aimed at them too often..
and maybe, just maybe, they'll give us a shot that is priceless. 

Thanks Dad, this one was just too good to pass up. 

When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. 
But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls.
~Ted Grant