After the Storm

We weathered the storm without any damage or disturbances except for the bunch of bananas that didn't make it through the wind last night.

 I couldn't wait to get down to the beach today...Its always fun to see what a storm turns up.

 We decided to go to our "normal" beach that is usually deserted. 
Today the whole area was full of cars and people were standing in the rain on the dunes.

Jobos Beach and the surrounding area is world famous for fantastic surfing.

 It was breathtaking to watch the surfers and body boards out there.

 I've mentioned before that I've learned some lessons about rain, cameras and lens. Knowing that there'd be some great photo opportunities this afternoon I carefully packed my Canon into my waterproof backpack. Whenever I tucked the camera away or pull it out I hit dials and buttons. These next photos are the result of whatever settings happen to be hit.

Thought I'd try this one in black and while.

 We had a glorious wet walk, found lots of little shells and some sea glass and enjoyed watch some awesome waves. The sound of the sea today was deafening.

 We pass this palm grove daily and today the lighting and rain made it especially beautiful to me. The moving blur is a phase I'm going through right now. Plus its how I see the grove every time we drive by it.

 As we drove pass Jobos Beach I spied these guys with the camera. My next camera gear purchase will be an umbrella!

Back up the cliff road to the house and dryness.