A Trip & A Lesson

 A quick business trip to Orlando, FL, Wednesday through Saturday reminded me to live in the moment and to be grateful for the blessings that each day brings. 
A VW beetle with a lobster gave wrapped all around it gave me a good laugh, and I was thrilled with the funky photo that I got.

Honestly, I didn't want to leave the beaches that we love here in PR. I didn't want to break the daily rhythm and flow that I'd settled into. Walks & runs, beach time, reading, writing...But the business that makes our simple, rustic life in PR possible called and we went. 
The leaving makes the being even sweeter.

It was a good trip and there were even a few down times with friends.
And it was equally good to get back today to our temporary rental.

The trip...
 A beautiful pool

 Sweet ice tea

A new umbrella