Stormy Weather

Yesterday our weather was fickle. We woke to an overcast sky and rain. Tropical storm Emily was making her presence known as she approached. 

Yesterday we had rain off and on...I think that I opened and closed the windows a dozen times. 

Armando showed us the 82 steps and path down to sea level. Its a hike but so worth it! As we walked about more rain rolled in. 

I don't believe that I will ever tire of this...sunshine or rain I love the sea.


Back at the top of the cliff...the sound of the surf on the rocks is constant.

Do you see the top of the gatehouse? 
The changes that took place yesterday were amazing. This was late afternoon. The lighting was fantastic!

Today was cloudy but hardly any wind.
Calm seas and storm clouds as sunset approached reminded me that the south part of the island was feeling the storm as it made its way to Dominican Republic and Haiti. 

As darkness descended I shut our doors...another day. It was a good one.