Prepared for Tropical Storm Irene

After taking care of outside stuff (the grill, chairs, table, shells) I zipped off to fill the "wagon" up with gas and grab some more milk before I headed down to Jobos Beach with my camera.

 Coach and I were here earlier today and this area had about 30 surfers hanging out in the waves. 

 The surfers were all gone & the food vendor was taking his colorful truck home. The beach was deserted.

 I was talking to son #1 in OK while I sat in the wagon snapping pictures. At one point I stuck the phone out the window and asked if he could hear the surf. He said he only heard the wind. No wind blowing then...only the pounding surf.

 I love all our tsunami wave signs. They are there just in case we forget that we are suppose to go up if one hits us.

and sky seen through my wagon's window.
I love the layers.

 I would have LOVED to be out walking in the weather, however, I wanted pictures. I've learned the painful way that cameras and lens do NOT like the rain. 

 One of our walking paths. The ocean from the above and below pictures is on the left.

 Yup, I just love this spot. This morning we walked/hike to the end of that cliff in the distance. It was amazing!   
Surrounded by the sea...I love it!

 There was a break in the rain squalls and the sun came out and steamed up the road.

 An interesting character who we've run into a couple of times now. Not quite sure what his story is. I declined to buy whatever he was selling but asked if I could take his picture. "Sure!" and he even posed for me. The rain didn't seem to bother him, but then again, I don't think much at all bothers him.

 "See you later..."

Back up the cliff hill I a happy fog from the time spent watching the beginning bands of the storm approach. 
We've been assured that we WILL loss power sometime during the night and that it could be out for awhile. There is a generator on site so all should be good.
The storm is projected to hit us around 2AM.
We are snug and prepared.
As I write another squall of heavy rain is hitting us. Time to close up the windows and settle in.
Night all.